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    “The CWLA was unlike any other leadership event I’ve attended in terms of the depth and authenticity of the conversations. The small group size and passionate involvement of each founder during their respective workshops fostered insights that kept me thinking long after the day was over. I recommend this event to any woman looking for a fresh way to learn about her own strengths and areas of opportunity for changing the world around her to be a more equitable and just place.”

    Alice P.

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    "I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the CWLA event. Alicia, Cindu, and Desiree led engaging sessions that encouraged each of us to share our ideas and aspirations in a truly safe space. Throughout the day, I found myself inspired by the facilitators, the fireside panelists, and the diverse group of women who aim to be courageous leaders. I highly recommend CWLA!”

    Lisa S.

    Parner Operations Manager
    Jelly Vision
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    "The CWLA was a truly inspiring experience. The event brought together women from diverse backgrounds and industries to share their experiences, knowledge, and insights on various topics. The workshops were also incredibly informative, and the speakers were knowledgeable and engaging. What I loved most about the conference was the sense of community and support that was fostered throughout the event. Women were encouraged to network and connect with one another, and it was refreshing to see the enthusiasm among attendees. I left the conference with a renewed sense of purpose and stronger commitment to my own professional development. I highly recommend this conference to any women looking to take her career to the next level or seeking to connect with other like-minded women."
    Lynessa R., Ph.D.

    Associate Department Chair & Associate Professor
    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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    “The Chicago Women’s Leadership Accelerator was an incredible event. Everything from the size to the content was spot on - even down to the female-founded wine at Happy Hour. I travelled from Salt Lake City just for this event and it was absolutely worth it. A few of the exercises required us to write down goals on a sticky note and I’ve referenced them every day as a reminder. Alicia, Cindu, and Desiree struck the perfect balance of both inspirational and impactful lectures AND tactical exercises with key takeaways.”

    Mei H.

    Investor, Mercadito Partners


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    "The CWLA instructors facilitated engaging discussions on relevant topics with a diverse group of leaders at various stages in their careers.

    They equipped me with activities and tools that I will take back to my team to help engage and communicate in new and different ways.

    I found the session to be a balanced mix of interpersonal and business skills, both of which are essential in today's corporate environment.

    As a senior leader, I found that the experience was well worth it and a great way to ease back into in-person leadership training!"

    Janet J.

    Vice President
    Amsted Industries


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    "Chicago Women’s Leadership Accelerator is a great experience for professional women. Attending this conference allowed me to connect with many successful but similar women I would not have met prior. In this space you are allowed to be vulnerable, speak truth, seek advice, build brands, create and dream of new ideas which women typically do not always have the ability to do. The mindset, interaction, involvement and lessons that I walked away with made my CWLA experience great. The leaders of CWLA were very intentional in curating an atmosphere that was inclusive, friendly and fun. I will forever be grateful to have been a part of the CWLA 2022 session.”  

    Vanesha B.

    Program Coordinator
    College of Lake County


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    "My experience at the CWLA was an extremely valuable one. The sessions were engaging, informative, and inspiring. The facilitators brought their wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields to empower us to be more courageous and effective leaders. I highly recommend the CWLA for any senior, emerging, or inspiring leaders."

    Christy C.

    Vice President

    Goldman Sachs


    "I’ve attended many women’s leadership conferences in my twenty plus year career, and CWLA was by far the most valuable one I’ve experienced. I left with invaluable knowledge and tools that I was able to put into action immediately. I highly recommend the CWLA to any woman who is looking to level up her leadership skills."

    Denise L.

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Informed Group


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    "I had such an incredible time at the Chicago Women’s Leadership Accelerator. It was an inspiring day of learning and great to connect with other women in the Chicago area. Each session taught me something and I definitely took away valuable information that I am already applying at work and more broadly in my life. It was a thoughtfully curated event- the most actionable women's leadership conference I've attended."

    Kathleen H.



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    "I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend the Chicago Women’s Leadership Accelerator. I've been to several leadership workshops and at first, I thought that there may not be more to learn, but there always is and CWLA reminded me to always keep an open mind and keep learning. I learned about how I tell my story to others and its relation to my leadership style- something I had not thought about until this conference. There were so many actionable items and CWLA allows you to practice the tools you are learning so that you feel more confident when using them in real life situations. I would highly recommend the workshop to folks who see themselves as leaders, and those who might not see it yet!"

    Ella M

    Associate Director

    Executives Club of Chicago


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    "I am so thankful to have been able to participate in the Chicago Women’s Leadership Accelerator this year. I left the day inspired, re-energized, and excited to share what I've learned with others. Cindu, Alicia, and Desiree each brought different perspectives and insights to the day which resulted in a unique authentic learning experience. The day consisted of intentional opportunities to connect with other women across different industries and stages of their career and I was able to meet with amazing women who I plan on keeping in touch with. I truly valued the space and opportunity to share and reflect on my experiences in the work place, learn new tools and strategies which I can use in my personal and professional life, and be surrounded by such dynamic and diverse women. The entire experience was thoughtfully curated and should be a model for learning opportunities. I highly recommend The CWLA to any woman who is looking for a meaningful, engaging, and impactful leadership training.

    Sasha P.

    Managing Director

    Chicago Scholars