• Meet Pooja Shah, CWLA Photographer

    An individual headshot by Pooja is included for all attendees.

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    A multidisciplinary artist from Kenya with roots in India, Pooja Shah’s photography explores themes of womanhood, cultural identity, diaspora, and intentional living, with a focus on the BIPOC experience and depicting black and brown people in states of joy.


    In a direct response to the lack of representation of Black and Asian people in the mainstream media, Pooja founded TEMBO TONES® in 2020 on the values of truth, inclusivity, and creativity. She has one mission: to empower entrepreneurs and storytellers of color in crafting meaningful and transformative visual experiences. In doing so, she hopes to provide a new perspective, one that is honorable and energizing. TEMBO TONES is recognized to work across various industries, creating photo artistry and brand designs that are honest, impactful and intentional at every step.


    In addition to her photography work, Pooja is a creative director, consultant, and former public relations specialist, working with designers and brands to ideate and execute real world activations and events across the globe.